Oh yeah ! It is time !

It is time for me to be back and share to whomever is on the other side of the screen ! Time to share my dream for all of us and my experiences to reach that dream ! Did I reach it ? Not yet as you and everyone else is involved ! I dream of a world where we are all free, healthy and happy !

Is it possible ?

Yes but not … For sure it is possible but there is a big cleansing that needs to be done ! We need to shovel our spark out of that shit ! With actual mentalities (even if they are evolving) it will be hard work… but it is possible and I am sure of it 100 % !

Where to start ?

We need to start by ourselves ! There is no need to expect any change from outside as the change from within makes that the change without possible ! It might not make sense for most of the people but yeah… it is science (XXIth century science…), our perception molds our reality.

Perception ? perception !!? what the hell is perception !? I just Googled it and they say “Perception is the process by which an individual gives meaning to the environment.” Ok, so then how do we do that, what does mold the meaning we give to our environment ? The basics : our education, our past experiences, our beliefs, our feelings and thoughts … but also every intake : what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste !

So to change our perception there is a need to hack all that shiiiiit !!

Some will be like … this is pure bullshit … ok … I take it, I am open to critics … but just start by thinking how this different beliefs would impact how you see the world !

We have been told that genes control biology !! Guess what ! it is wrong, nowadays we know that we but also our environment can impact our biology and genes => check EPIGENETICS !

We also have been told, thanks to Sir Darwin that all is about “Survival of the fittest” In reality, it is the death of the weakest and “survival based on cooperation”. Would you be so competitive ? Would you need to develop those sickening feelings of inferiority or superiority ?

They told us that evolution is a random process…with no real purpose… nooooo… evolution is an adaptive process, we constantly adapt (our genetics) to our environement to find balance and harmony ! Which is the purpose of life ! To find this balance and harmony on earth in between all living creatures… and guess what pure happiness is the result of this balance and harmony… no amount of money, instagram pics or Giorgio Armani can make us happy…. => Check ENTROPY !

We also thought, because they told us that biological process employs newtonian physics …. noooooo => Check QUANTUM PHYSICS and QUANTUM BIOLOGY !!


(my first language is not english, I might no need to precise it but this is a kind of small apology ! ;))

I am thinking to make a proper website about all that… it is a huge topic ! There are many ways to hack our brains and body. We are a pilot inside a body machine with a mind operating system.