Hello everyone ! 

yay ! I hope all of the people reading that are doing fine, that they survived psychollogically this “WTF” attack ! I am planning to get on track soon and to update loads of information about many topics ! I thought I would be able to do it before, but you know… life things 😉 I also tried to hack my brain and body during the last months to be able to share with you talking from experience and not because I have been reading books, which I did too obviously !

I am coming back soon with loads of techniques to “Shovel your own spark within and see free” !! If you like to learn about some topics please feel free to comment and ask for it ! I will then do my best, if they are relevant to the Modus vivendi I try to share with all of you !

Yihaaa, give me a few more months, after a year, it should not be too hard !! But yeah, am there, getting reeeeeadddy!!!