Filops’era* is the place to share photos and facts about travelled areas.

21st Century is the era of this huge steamroller trying to control everything and to transform our world in a huge asepticised market. A sanitization leading human beings to become step by step all the same, copy-pasting business and cultural models, concepts and transforming culture into an ersatz of folklore and that is really a pity.

Diversity enhances creativity and respect, catch a glimpse until you can of the multi-cultural treasures of the World.


Multi-ethnic countries and heritage cultures are pure soul food and restauration, other worlds are possible. Those people carry their very own way of doing, thinking or doing since centuries or more. People focusing on different incomes and outcomes for their society, experiencing totally another reality and seem pretty happy.

Visit Survival website, and Jimmy Nelson or Georgi Bonev photography websites to discover Heritage Cultures and Tribes.

There is not only one life possible, one reality, there are plenty. No one is better or above another, it just depends a lot on where you were born, grown up, who did you meet on the way and who you basically are.

We should protect and embrace world’s multiformity. Have the chance to experience food, culture, way of life, routine, music, clothing and celebrations “out of the mainstream” should be enjoyed like a blessing.

Respect the culture you stepped in, the local customs are not the same, be aware of the basics to be correct or not to…


” ‘era” for “errare”, the Latin word for travelling or doing a mistake. 



“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking 
new landscapes but in having new eyes.” 

– Marcel Proust